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Some of the groups we are associated with are Ronald McDonald House WA, Cancer Council of WA, Volunteering WA and Perth Wildcats. Click on the logos below to find out how you can help these organisations.

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Indigenous Scholarship Australia

In early 2012, we established the ‘JDSi Consulting Engineers Indigenous Scholarship’ at the University of Western Australia. This scholarship gives indigenous students from remote areas the opportunity to obtain an undergraduate degree in Medicine, Law, Science or Engineering, with the aim of benefiting their community. In 2019, the scholarship was moved to Curtin University where it will continue in the coming years.

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We understand that the infrastructure we design and deliver must be sustainable so it can continue to provide for future generations. That’s why we always address social, economic and environmental sustainability issues when we plan, design and deliver our projects.

JDSi is highly conscious that the infrastructure we design and deliver for future generations needs to be done so in a sustainable manner. Our belief is that social, economic and environmental issues should all be given equal consideration in the planning, design and delivery of our projects.

We are aware that all projects have benefits but potentially also undesirable social, environmental and economic impacts. While JDSi is often not in a position to make a final decision on a project, we proactively offer opinion, advice and options to arrive at sustainable solutions.

As a business we have implemented sustainable initiatives such as relocating our offices to a Green Star – Office Design v3 Rating and NABERS Rating 4.5 Star premise and encouraging recycling and waste minimisation both internally and by our suppliers.

Our commitment to sustainability occurs throughout all phases of a project with a primary focus being to deliver cost effective solutions but not to the detriment of social and environmental values. Planning of infrastructure involves looking beyond the shortest services route and consideration is given to alternatives which may result in a better environmental, financial or social impact option. 

During construction we endeavour to utilise recycled materials where possible and encourage contractors to undertake works in a sustainable manner through achievable initiatives such as use of new, low emission machinery and minimising water use during construction. We are also conscious of the social impacts of our projects in terms of noise, dust, vibration and general inconvenience to adjacent residents during construction. We endeavour to adequately consult with residents prior to commencement of works and maintain a complaints register so any issues are dealt with quickly.


JDSi has begun implementing an Innovate RAP (endorsed by Reconciliation Australia) and is working with the Reconciliation Council to expedite the planning, cultural awareness and cultural competency within our business.

Developing an Innovate RAP is a commitment by JDSi to raise the awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs within all areas of our business. By committing to an Innovate RAP, JDSi will:

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  • Focus on raising awareness within our organisation about our commitment to reconciliation.
  • Celebration and observance of National Reconciliation Week and National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee events.
  • Build ongoing relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  • Continue to implement initiatives that reflect an appreciation of, and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

At all times, be culturally aware and sensitive to both internal and external protocols.

JDSi also demonstrates our willingness to promote reconciliation through our corporate actions as we feel that we can make a positive contribution by giving indigenous people opportunities.

Initiatives introduced by JDSi include:

  • Establishment in early 2012 of the JDSi Consulting Engineers Indigenous Scholarship. This scholarship gives indigenous students from remote areas the opportunity to obtain an undergraduate degree in Medicine, Law, Science or Engineering, with the aim of benefitting their community.

  • Ensuring construction contractor Management Plans give due consideration to the presence of archaeological sites and actions necessary on the discovery of artefacts.

  • Working with civil construction contractors who have a formalised Reconciliation Action Plan.


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