The site is bound by Woollcott Avenue to the south, Partridge Street to the west and undeveloped land to the north and east.

There are a number of developers that are interfacing their subdivision to the shared boundary of Partridge Street and Woollcott Avenue.

Key Considerations

  • Working effectively with the Client, service authorities and other Stakeholders.
  • Investigating engineering opportunities and constraints for different planning options.
  • Undertaking remediation of a former use site.
  • Retention of significant trees within the wetland.
  • Interfacing with adjacent developers and working together to achieve the overall project outcomes.
  • Realignment of existing services and working with Western Power to remove overheads.
  • Providing value adding input into the proposed lot layout. 
  • Working collaboratively with the landscape architect to ensure quality finishes.
  • Designing bulk earthworks to optimise efficiency for drainage constraints whilst limiting import material volumes where practical. Making use of existing material through cut and fill, screening and blending strategies.

Project Challenges

Existing Services / Boundaries

The Dampier to Bunbury gas pipeline corridor lies inside the eastern boundary of the site and is orientated on the north-south alignment. The APA pipeline also resides in this restricted corridor. JDSi has extensive experience with interfacing works along this boundary by achieving the relevant approval permits at the design phase.


JDSi successfully represented the Client and negotiated cost sharing commitments for delivering infrastructure that is shared between adjoining developers and a local organisation.

Bulk Earthworks

The bulk earthworks design required achieving as close as practicable to a balanced cut to fill whilst interfacing with adjacent properties. This was complicated by the technical nature of the site, level differences and interfacing with existing wetlands and road network.

Stormwater Solution

JDSi successfully implemented the Urban Water Management Plan requirements by ensuring that the vision of the project’s hydrologist was not compromised. This was coordinated, along with the landscaping outcome, along the protected wetland region.

Contract Management

JDSi managed multiple stage delivery to support the Client’s sensitive timeline requirements. This meant bringing forward works packages to optimise market demand whilst maintaining flexibility for changes during design and construction phases. The Contractor was kept accountable throughout the project life and a strong relationship ensured one Contractor was able to complete all seven stages of this development successfully.

Project Description

  • Client:
    Cedar Woods Pty Ltd
  • Start Date:
  • Completion Date:
  • Construction Value:
  • Key People
Jason Grey
Jason Gray
Project Director
Kaval Pannu
Kaval Pannu
Project Manager
Michael Smithers
Michael Smithers