Of these approximately 360 lots, 112 have been completed to date along with the upgrade of Pike Road. Also complete is the realignment of a Water Corporation sewer pressure main and Telstra assets.

Key Considerations

  • Working effectively with the Client, service authorities and other Stakeholders.
  • Investigating engineering opportunities and constraints for different planning options.
  • Retention of significant trees.
  • Realignment of existing services.
  • Working collaboratively with landscape architect to ensure quality finishes.

Project Challenges

Bulk Earthworks

The Bulk Earthworks design was undertaken to reduce fill importation requirements whilst reducing the potential to encounter shallow rock. Various interfacing issues pertain to the site including Western Power and existing residential landholdings.


JDSi has undertaken numerous construction cost estimates in order to determine appropriate project staging and the short to mid-term viability of release strategies based on market conditions and servicing efficiencies.

Tree Retention

Public Open Space was positioned in consideration of existing significant trees and a road designed to locate a significant tuart tree within a landscaped road median. A Ground Penetrating Radar investigation for the tuart was implemented in collaboration with the project surveyor and arborist to determine root locations in 3D space and potential clashes with engineering services. This reduced the extent of services requiring installation by trenchless technologies.

Sales Office

JDSi undertook the earthworks, carpark, drainage and servicing design for the sales office in collaboration with the builder and landscape architect. Design of the lots and infrastructure adjacent to the sales office was undertaken in order to integrate the sales office with the infrastructure network to minimise future rework and avoid scarring of the red asphalt.

Project Description

  • Client:
    Frasers Property Australia
  • Start Date:
  • Completion Date:
  • Construction Value:
  • Key People
David Hellmuth
David Hellmuth
Project Director
Kaval Pannu
Kaval Pannu
Project Manager