The development of approximately 500 lots and a central Public Open Space was carried out in 17 stages.

Key Considerations

  • Working effectively with the Client, service authorities and other Stakeholders.
  • Investigating engineering opportunities and constraints for different planning options.
  • Design, approval and construction of a major DN375 sewer pipe through the development.
  • Providing value adding input into the proposed lot layout. 
  • Working collaboratively with landscape architect, planner and hydrologist to ensure quality finishes and engineering solutions.
  • Designing Bulk Earthworks for multiple stages with optimising cut / fill and import requirements by utilising screening and blending of topsoil material.

Project Challenges

Bulk Earthworks

The bulk earthworks design requirement was to achieve as close as practicable to a balanced cut to fill whilst interfacing with adjacent properties. Given the shallow ground water levels of the site, considerable amount of fill material was required to address drainage requirements.

Existing Stream / Drainage

One of the key requirements of the UWMP supplied by the hydrologist was to protect the central wetland and utilise the existing natural stream as the main drainage outlet for the 17 stages. An extensive amount on liaison was carried out by the consultant team with the City of Armadale to ensure design and approval phases were promptly closed out, whilst addressing the UWMP requirements. JDSi successfully designed the pit and pipe network system for each stage to outlet into this central catchment.

During construction, JDSi oversaw the swale-built form and managed the interfaces between civil contractor and landscape architect.

DN375 Gravity Sewer

JDSi successfully managed the design, approval and construction phases for the Water Corporation sewer line that was built through ‘directional drilling’ below recently completed civil stages. This sewer spanned through the entire estate and had a number of complex interfaces that required efficient planning and coordination.

Contract Management

JDSi integrated multiple work packages concurrently and successfully delivered the design and construction of several stages. In one instance, JDSi was managing 10 contracts out of the 17 civil stages. The relationship between the Client, Local Authority and Contractor was highly professional which facilitated the on time delivery of this 500 lot estate.

Project Description

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  • Key People
Jason Grey
Jason Gray
Project Director
Kaval Pannu
Kaval Pannu
Project Manager