To date 7 stages have been bulk earthworked with 5 of those being progressed to completed titled lots and a road connection to Mandurah Road provided.

Key Considerations

  • Design of trunk services and intersections to accommodate future adjacent developments by others.
  • Developing and implementing a Bulk Earthworks Strategy over the whole development to minimise imported fill.
  • Partaking in design workshops with the project team and providing valuable engineering advice.
  • Coordination and management of Environmental and Geotechnical investigations for the site.
  • Reviewing environmental and geotechnical reports and incorporating findings into designs.
  • Working collaboratively with other consultants and local government.

Project Challenges

Trunk Services and Intersection Design

The site is at the northern extent of the Gordon Road sewer catchment area. Design of trunk sewer needed to ensure future development to the west could access sewer and the route selection for the main was based on ensuring minimal change in design lot levels to service the whole site by gravity mains.

Ocean Hill Estate is located on the eastern side of Mandurah Road which will ultimately become six lanes. Traffic modelling of two proposed major intersections was undertaken and designs developed which accommodated the ultimate road widening and connection of additional legs from future development of land on the western side. The design ensured correct geometry and capacity for the intersections to function adequately in both the short and long term.

Bulk Earthworks Strategy

The bulk earthworks strategy was to ensure a cut to fill balance over the entire development to minimise importation and exportation of sand material.

Tree Retention

The site was previously a limestone quarry with very little remnant vegetation. Where possible Public Open Space was positioned in areas with large trees and design of drainage sumps and surrounding roads done to ensure the majority of these trees could be retained.

Project Description

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    CP Land Pty Ltd
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  • Key People
Mike Beaverstock
Mick Beaverstock
Project Director
Michael Smithers
Michael Smithers
Project Manager