Sienna Wood is forecast to provide circa 3,200 residential lots, a Town Activity Centre, community parks and school sites in the area.


2021 UDIA Awards for Excellence - Affordable Development

Key Considerations

  • Investigating engineering opportunities and constraints for the site.
  • Contract management of Asbestos Contaminated Site remediation works in consultation with suitably qualified environmental consultant.
  • Retention of native vegetation and trees along an environmentally sensitive water course including but not limited to, creation of new Living Stream, upgrading of main drain and working near Conservation Category Wetland.
  • Complex sand / clay / rock substrata and high groundwater are the main design challenges.
  • Realignment of existing services.
  • Undertaking value management workshops to minimise construction cost through structure plan amendments. 
  • Working collaboratively with landscape architects to ensure quality finishes. 

Project Challenges

Bulk Earthworks

The Sienna Wood area has a significantly complex sand / clay / rock layer relationship and a high groundwater table. The Bulk Earthworks design required detailed consideration of these challenging geotechnical conditions, 100 year flood path, impact to wetland and sewer control levels.

JDSi has successfully minimised importation of sand fill to keep the earthworks construction cost down while providing a free draining, Class A site to our client.

Stormwater Management

The stormwater drainage design philosophy has evolved over time as the development has progressed. JDSi, in consultation with the project hydrologist, has successfully negotiated the stormwater drainage management strategy with the local authority to suit the unique challenges on each development precinct.

Budget and Value Management

JDSi understands Stockland’s financial pressure on this project and we are accountable for providing an up to date construction cost forecast to assist Stockland’s biannual whole of life project performance review. JDSi also participates in value improvement workshops to identify areas / ideas to improve project profitability. Given that we have been providing civil engineering consultation service on this project since 2014, we are able to collate all technical challenges that have transpired during this period into value improvement outcomes and drive continuous improvement of the overall project.


Due to the presence of environmentally sensitive water courses and wetlands, native vegetation and fauna need to be protected during design and construction phases. JDSi works collaboratively with the project environmental consultant and town planner to ensure that the design achieves minimal impact to the environment. JDSi proactively manage the contractor to ensure there is no adverse impact to the sensitive environmental assets located in the vicinity of the work areas. This includes pre-construction site walk overs, review of management plans prior to ground breaking activities and ongoing inspection of delineation zones and general work practices.

Project Description

  • Client:
  • Start Date:
  • Completion Date:
  • Construction Value:
    $300M (Estimated)
  • Key People
Jason Grey
Jason Gray
Project Director
Blair Trew
Blair Trew
Project Manager

Project Engineer
Kaval Pannu
Kaval Pannu
Project Engineer
Norman Mckendry
Norman McKendry
Electrical Designer